The Settings product is where your critical details are stored. After completing the Getting Started tool, the information you provided to initially set up your system is retained here. 

My Business

This is where you keep your business details. Any time you change any critical business elements, such as moving locations or changing business hours, update your information here so the marketing system has the most current information. 


For Best Results, Be Precise and Specific

Go through each field carefully to make sure that it is 100% accurate so these details can be referenced for consistency across channels. The precision of this information helps us optimize your features. Be sure your business name reflects the name your customers know you as, the address is consistent with your location's address, the phone number is your primary business line, and everything here is how you want it reflected online so that tools such as Listing Accuracy, Reputation Management, and the other products perform correctly.

Business Category

Make sure your business category is as specific and accurate as possible. Changing the business category will cause the competitors automatically included in your competitive analysis tools to change to businesses within that same business category. However, if you manually add or update your competitors in the Reputation product, they will not change unless you manually change them again.