When you first enter the interface for your marketing system's suite of products, you will arrive on the home screen, which will prompt you to get started establishing the settings for your system. 

Primary Navigation

To the far left of your screen is a stack of icons to navigate between the various products within the suite. This is the primary navigation. To the right of that primary navigation is the navigation panel for the tools within the product currently selected. The small arrow going from the vertical box displaying the product navigation indicates which product in the primary navigation is actively selected.

Hover over the primary navigation icon stack to see which product is associated with each icon. Select and tap an icon to arrive at the dashboard for the set of tools within that product.

Product Navigation

Within each product, there is a set of tools with various functions. Some tools will have an arrow next to them, indicating that this is a set of tools. For instance, the Analysis toolset is found within a couple of the products and has a set of analytic tools you can access for various analytic functions.

Your Location Setting

For merchants with various locations loaded into your marketing system, there is a location tag icon in the top right of the screen that allows you to select the location you wish to use the active product on from a drop-down menu of the locations within your system. The map pin icon appears adjacent to single locations, the columned building icon appears next to corporate offices, the building icon appears next to merchant accounts with multiple locations, and the stack of cubes icon appears next to resellers such as agencies or management companies. Within the drop-down menu, you can search for the entity of your choice without scrolling through all of the options.



User Settings

Next to the location selector, you will see the profile indicator expressing what administrator is signed into the system. Tap into the arrow next to the profile icon and name to reveal a drop-down menu with some utility options. From here you can access the help desk, launch support tickets, view the terms of use, and the privacy policy. Below the utility and housekeeping functions are links to the selected user's profile or to log out so you can log in as a different user.

Top of Page Anchor Link

On pages with information that falls below the length of a single screen, as you scroll down the page, a semi-opaque grey box with an up arrow will appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. Tapping this arrow will return you to the top of the current page.