Your Brand IQ tool is a handy snapshot of your business' brand online alongside your sales numbers so you can constantly keep your brands' pulse to understand how your business is acquiring, retaining, growing, and protecting your customers. All of the panels show your performance over the previous 30 days.

Your Brand Report Card

The Brand IQ tool grades your brand based on your ratings from the Listings, Reputation, and Social products and reports it at the top of the page so you can quickly see where you stand and which channels might need work.


The Listings panel in the Brand IQ tool shows your listing presence and accuracy over the previous 30 days. Under Listing Presence you will see each listings provider that includes your business location. In the Listing Accuracy panel below that, the percentage bar shows how accurate your listings are and the icons and numbers displayed below that indicate what the inaccuracies are. Below that are the providers that are reporting the inaccuracies. To drill deeper into this situation, tap the More Details button to jump to your Listings product. 


Below the Listings panel is the Reputation portion of your Brand IQ, displaying your total number of reviews reported by review providers and how many review providers those reviews came through. It also displays your average star rating and numeric value, as well as a breakdown of the sentiments that compose that number.

Beneath your general reputation numbers is trend information about your overall reputation, the list of your review providers, your star rating, how your reputation is trending with that provider, and the total number of reviews that published to that channel. 


Below Reputation is your Social panel, which displays the critical social data from the previous 30 days. The icon set under Social Connections shows what social profiles are connected to your business location. The Facebook Engagement section displays the number of posts, impressions per post, audience engagement, and audience growth from the previous 30 days.