Be sure to set your bar high and challenge yourself when choosing your competitors if you hope to reach your goals. Selecting competitors you know your business location easily outperforms will not help you outperform your actual competition. Be realistic and ambitious when determining your competitors. During onboarding, we automatically select 5 businesses that seem to be your most likely competitors based on your location and business category. You can change any of these 5 pre-selected competitors in the Manage Competitors tool within the My Competitors Toolkit. Simply tap the pencil icon to the left of the competitor's name and change the information to reflect your true competition.


Edit Competitor

When adding or changing competitors, you will be asked to complete the Edit Competitor form. This information provides the same critical details about your competitor that you provided about your business so we can find the correct one to compare with your online reputation. Be as complete and specific as possible for the best results.


Select Business Category

Just like it is important to be as specific and accurate as possible when you filled out your business information, it is important to complete the requested information about your competition just as clearly. It is especially important to select an accurate business category to narrow your scope to be as realistic as the scope of the user searching for the right business.


Manage Competitors

In order to add or change competitors, you will have to delete the least applicable competitors to make room for the more relevant competitors in your 5. When you choose to delete a competitor, it will display a modal window that asks you to type DELETE in order to confirm your wish to delete the competitor selected.