Learn how your online reputation stacks up against your competition in the Competitor Reviews tool in the My Competitors toolkit within the Reputation product. The Competitor Reviews tool compares your reviews and ratings against your competition's reviews and ratings. Knowing about your reputation is critical, but knowing how your reputation compares to your competition is a priceless advantage of the internet.

During onboarding, we automatically select 5 businesses that seem to be your most likely competitors based on your location and business category. You can change any of these 5 pre-selected competitors in the Manage My Competitors tool within the My Competitors Toolkit and those choices will be reflected here. The first panel of your Competition Reviews is the Competition Report, which displays a horizontal bar graph of your reviews and ratings alongside your competition.]


Select Provider

To dig into how your business compares to your competition within a specific provider, tap the Select Provider button at the top right of your screen and select the provider within which you want to compare from the dropdown menu that appears. In this tool, you can select only a single review provider.


Setting the Timeframe

In addition to selecting the provider you wish to analyze, you can also select the timeframe. Tap into the calendar icon next to the date range at the top right corner of the page to select the timeframe you want to research. From day to month to year to custom date ranges, you can choose any period of time to compare your business against your competition.

The Competitive Advantage

Below the top-level Competition Report graph is a spreadsheet that displays your reviews and top ratings and then your 5 competitors' reviews, average rating, and each star rating that composes that average. See how you measure against your competition for a competitive advantage.


Competitor Ratings by Provider

At the bottom of the tool, see a high-level listing of how your business location compares to the competition per provider. This data will help you see who you should be paying attention to and what they are doing, right or wrong, to have earned that position. This also gives you a good context from which to judge your efficacy. Use this data to improve your customer experience beyond that of your competitors.