The Manage My Reviews Tool is where you can keep track of your reviews, seeing whether they are parked, published, or have been responded to. You can filter the reviews you want to manage by provider or choose multiple providers. Select the providers from the drop-down menu that appears when you click into the Select Providers field. You can also filter them by rating when you select from the drop-down menu in the Ratings field. This way you can choose to prioritize responding to negative reviews and concentrate more on which positive reviews you want to publish when you have more time to review them. 

The top panels reflect the quantity of reviews included in the report, the average rating across providers, the positive sentiment rating, and the number of times you have responded to a review.

Assessing and Acting on Reviews

Below the Reviews and Average Ratings panels is the feed of reviews your business location received from the providers you selected sorted according to recency. Each review card shows the icon for the provider, the user name of the reviewer, the star rating that reviewer gave, the date of the review, and then the text they submitted. From here you can share the review on your connected social channels, publish it to your website via your Publishing Review Widget, respond to the review on the provider site, or park the review to take no action now in favor of saving it for action in the future.


Review Responses

When someone on your team has responded to a review, your response will appear indented below the review. It will show the name of the respondent and the date of the response above the text of the response.