Your Reputation Analysis toolkit includes providers to help you understand and manage your reputation with each provider. Every review provider has a distinct business model and therefore different motives. The better you understand them all, the better you can manage your reputation with each provider, and consequently manage your reputation across providers. At the top of this tool is the timeframe selector feature. Tap the calendar icon in the date range field to select the timeframe you want to observe.

Reviews and Average Rating

The top four panels display similar reviews and average ratings numbers as the other tools in the Reputation Analytics toolkit, but these are reporting reviews and ratings across providers for the selected time period to show your general reputation and provide context for this report. 

The Providers Graph

This bar graph displays the quantity of reviews across providers and the average ratings each provider from the top review providers for your business reported alongside the average rating of each individual provider across the time frame you selected. Top review providers are usually Facebook, Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, and Yellow Pages. Use this data to see where your strongest reviews are coming from, where most of your reviews are coming from, and where no reviews are coming from. This information can inform how you take action per provider to improve your business location's standing in each. Hover over any of the graph elements to see the number of reviews and the average rating that fed the graph. Remember, the more ratings, the better the data. If you can, select wider time frames to see more relevant long-term data. Select narrower time frames when trying to zero in on how specific conditions affected your reputation with specific providers.


The Data Distilled

At the bottom of this tool is a list of each provider reported, how many reviews they reported, the average rating, and how many of each star rating your business received from that provider for the selected time period.