Similar to the Ratings Trend, the Sentiment Trend shows how sentiment about your brand stands. Explore that measurement by provider and time frame. While Ratings Trend displays the formal ratings, the Sentiment Trend displays the positive, neutral, and negative sentiments that are reflected by the rating for a more detailed understanding of the composition of your reputation. 

Select Providers and Time Frame

As with the Ratings Trend tool, select the providers you want included in this graphic as well as the time frame you want to study, to better understand the sentiment for your business location by provider and time period. The top panels specify the number of reviews,the average rating for that group, how many of the sentiments reported were positive, and the number of times your responded to a review.

Sentiment Trend Bar Graph

The bar graph shows this data broken out across the time frame. Hover over any component of the graph to see the specific data points feeding that graphic as well as a line graph denoting the average rating.

Dive into the Numbers

At the bottom of the page the numbers are broken out so that you can see the beginning date of the week, the quantity of the reviews, the average rating across providers for the timeframe, and then the positive, neutral, and negative reviews that combined to create the average.