The Analytics tool set of the Reputation product is where you can dive into how your business location's ratings and sentiment are trending, how your ratings measure up per provider, and compare your current position to prior periods. First up is Ratings Trend. This tool defaults to display your numbers across all providers for all time. The first graphic, to the top left of the page, displays the number of reviews being evaluated. To the right is the average rating across all providers. To the right of your average rating is positive sentiment. To the far right is the number of times you have responded to a review.

Drill Down by Selecting Providers

Tap the arrow next to "Select Provider" in the field in the top right of the tool and choose as many providers as you want included in the visualization of the Ratings Trend data. You can Select All or Deselect All at the top of the dropdown.


Why Select Providers?

Be strategic as you select the providers you want to see in your trend graph. Understand the difference between search engines and social networks when it comes to your ratings. How do review sites rate your business compared to directories? Which seem to have the most impact on your sales? As you select providers, a check mark will appear beside them. When you are done, hit the "Done" button at the bottom of the dropdown menu and that data will feed into the graphic visualization of your Ratings Trend.


Select a Timeframe

In addition to viewing your business locations Rating Trend by provider, you can also select the timeframe you want to analyze. Tap the calendar icon adjacent to the date range in the field to the right of the Select Provider field and a calendar feature will appear. Select either specific dates or general time periods from the options that display. Use this to see how you are faring with specific providers at different times or better understand how your Ratings Trend has varied in the past to identify opportunities or challenges faced previously.


Ratings Trend Bar Graph

See the quantity and ratings of reviews for the selected provider or providers across the selected timeframe. Note differences and look for conditions that may have contributed to the report. Were you running a promotion? Was the neighborhood experiencing something unusual? Hover over any of the bars in the graph to see the specific numbers informing it. In the graph below, on September 25, 2016, the business location received 4 reviews between the selected providers with an average rating of 4.8 stars. That's twice as many as the previous or subsequent week. What was the mitigating factor that caused the bump?


See the Numbers

The last graphic on the page shows the data in linear format, showing the week referenced, the number of reviews reported by the selected providers in that week, the average rating, and the number of reviews for each star rating to clearly comprehend all of the numbers that informed the data visualizations throughout this tool.