At the end of the day, a business' brand isn't the logo, the typeface, or the signage. Your brand is your business' reputation. When a person mentions AT&T, do you Rethink Possible, or do you recall your last experience with the company? The same principle applies for any business. When a friend visits your town and asks where they should eat, do you recommend McDonalds because I'm Lovin It? If you like them, you'll recommend a restaurant that you know will provide them with the most satisfying experience. Word-of-mouth recommendations are the most authentic and effective form of promotion for a brand. Online reviews are word-of-mouth reports about your reputation. This reputation management product has a comprehensive set of tools to help you manage your online reputation to make a real impact on your sales.  

Making Your Business Better than Normal

As business owners, it's easy to feel a parental pride or natural defensiveness toward the reviews we receive online, in print, or in conversations. We know the unusual circumstances that caused a bad review or we intimately understand the misinformation that leads to customer frustrations. It's easy to react to reviews by being protective of your brand's reputation by explaining or blaming. These reactions are normal. However, yours isn't a normal business. You have this tool because you care about managing your reputation. The only way you can do that is by being attentive to it and responding to reviews in a way that will make your business better than normal. This doesn't just mean taking the high road and being politically correct or gracious in reacting to reviews, this means thinking of them completely differently than most businesses out there. 

Your Reputation Dashboard

The reputation product collects your reviews from the most popular review providers online, measures the ratings and general sentiment about your business and enables you to respond. It also has tools to solicit reviews and compare your reputation to your competitors' reputations. The dashboard gives you a high-level glimpse of this data so you can quickly gauge your reputation. 

  • At the top left of the dashboard is the Reputation Brand IQ.
  • To the right of that is the number of reviews written about your business.
  • To the right of that is your average rating across providers. 
  • To the right of the star rating is the positive sentiment rating.
  • To the far right is your review responses. This is gathered from the number of times you have responded to a review.

The Power of Listening

Social media and other online platforms are great ways to market your business. But they do more than just help you spread your message, they also help you listen. Big brands spend billions of dollars in research to find out what their customers want. The beauty of the Internet Age is that Internet users love to speak their minds; when they do that about our business, they are providing free research and consultation. Thanks millennials! And because most business owners don't take the time or have the know-how to engage in these conversations, you will already look better than your competitors just by being present.

Review Providers

We've identified the top providers of online reviews and this tool automatically scans them all for reviews of your business to provide you with this at-a-glance chart that shows each provider's current rating of your business, how reviews are trending, and the total number of reviews. It's important to remember that the more reviews you get the less anecdotal the data becomes and the more your score stabilizes. Be attentive to that stable state. Is that where you want to be?


Ratings & Sentiment

Ratings are deduced from the sentiment of the reviews. 1 or 2-star reviews are considered negative, 3-star reviews are considered neutral, and 4 or more stars are considered positive. By comparing the most current ratings from previous periods, we determine trending status.

  • The Ratings graphic shows the quantity of reviews a business location received per star rating to quickly assess how many positive, neutral and negative reviews are being reported.
  • The Sentiment graph displays the numeric percentage of positive, neutral and negative reviews that are being reported about your business location. 



See the Actual Reviews and Take Action

Once you have the big picture, you can see the latest reviews of your business location listed according to recency to better understand the reviews that are informing that picture. After assessing the review, you can choose to share it on a connected social media platform, respond to the review (recommended), publish it to your website, or park it to to address later.



Parked Reviews

When you park a review, this does nothing to affect the actual online review. That is being displayed by the provider and we have no control over their website. Parking the review simply reminds you that the review has not been addressed yet and keeps it from publishing through the Reputation Publishing widget.


Build Brand Loyalty by Listening and Responding

By being attentive to the reviews you receive online, you can learn a lot about customer expectations. Sometimes customers will tweet about how your products or services help them in ways you never anticipated. That's a new marketing opportunity! Through online reviews, you can identify problems you weren't even aware of based on the times and the nature of certain online reviews. Every review is an incredible opportunity to both learn how to improve the customer experience and to convey to the silent readers of your reviews your attention to customer concerns and your commitment to a quality experience. When people see that, they know you care, and that's really what every customer wants. We recommend responding to every review you can, good or bad. An accolade can lead to an opportunity to engage a brand ambassador. A complaint gives you an opportunity to be responsive and even give them an incentive to return, which often creates ambassadors out of critics.

How to Respond

Simply click the Respond button in the bottom right of the review card and you will jump over to the provider, where the review is listed. Make sure you're signed into the review provider as the merchant, and respond inside the provider's interface.



Seeing Your Responses

After posting your response, it will display indented below the review card under the user name of the respondent.



Publishing Reviews

If you think the review really provides some insight on the values of your business, publish it! The reputation product has a widget for publishing your favorite reviews on your website. To learn more about that, look at the Review Widgets tool.