Knowledge only becomes money if you are able to take action on what you learn to impact sales. Knowing what information is out there about your business equips you to take action, but what action should you take and how do you do it? Let us claim your business listings and make sure they are accurate, consistently branded, and helping customers find and engage with your brand. We have a team of specialists that will handle this on your behalf so you can focus on what you do best: your business.

Make the Most of Your Time; Leave the Online Marketing to Your Experts

If you've arrived here, you likely already know how complicated it is to claim your business listing on Google. First you have to find the listing and hope it isn't already claimed by some previous business in your same location, some similar business mistakenly connected to your location, or even the nefarious actions of competitors or cybersquatters. There is no customer service line to call to fix free online listings, it is a complex and arduous process for a professional online marketing strategist, let alone a small business owner.

Assuming you don't have to dispute someone else's claim to your listing, you will almost always find wrong information, the same wrong information your prospective customers are seeing. That definitely impacts your brand reputation in the mind of the consumer, but how do you control that?

Claiming and Managing Online Presence Is Difficult and Complex by Design

You can claim your listing and Google will put you in a queue to verify your connection to that business. That automated process involves having a PIN number mailed to your location on a plain postcard or being called by an automated system with it, and then going back into your listing to input that number. 

  • Do you receive the mail personally everyday? 
  • Can you be sure it won't be discarded or lost in a pile of junk mail? 
  • When would their robo-dialer call? 
  • Will you be there to answer it? 
  • Will your employee listen to an automated caller, answer the questions correctly, and document the information you need to give back to Google? 
  • If you provide a private number to ensure it is answered, that is the number Google will use in your business listing.

And if at first you don't succeed, be prepared to start all over. And how many prospective customers are you losing while you go through all of this?

Correcting Errors in Your Listings

Even after you claim your business, you aren't given any access to go in and update your information. You can suggest edits to Google, but then you have to wait to see if they went through, were accepted, and then made correctly online. This is just the beginning of these complexities. And this is just one online listing provider. These processes are time consuming and arduous by design. Google wants to be sure you are the legitimate owner and not a bot or a hacker. But all of this makes it very hard for a small business owner to focus on their business.