Use this tool to identify inconsistencies in search engine listings as well as the other major online listings providers. It is important that your information is consistent across online listings so potential customers know they can trust the information they find during their online research. A majority of people use search engines for this sort of research, but often people find businesses through their preferred review sites such as Yelp and Trip Advisor. Social sites such as Facebook and Foursquare also populate much of the listing information found across the most popular social networks.

Correct Errors or Make Changes to Your Online Listings

Click on the Listings Provider name to check for inaccuracies.

In order to make changes to online listing providers, review sites, social media, and directories, you will have to either go to the channels yourself and start the complicated process of requesting changes or you can engage the concierge services to claim and manage your listings for you based on the information you maintain in this suite of products.