Finally it's time to attach your social channels. Adding your social profiles will enable the system to pull data insights from social media as well as empowering you to publish to your social channels. Connecting Google Analytics will give you visibility into how social media and online listings drive traffic to your website. 

Connecting to Social Accounts

  1. Before you click the "Add Social Profile" button, make sure you are logged into the social channels that your business uses. Log into the Facebook account you use to manage your business' Facebook page, then come back here to click the "Add Social Profile" button.
  2. This part of the system utilizes an interstitial pop-up screen to authorize the application to access your social profile, as most socially integrated tools do, so you may have to disable pop-up restrictions. Once authorized, the system will pull up the Facebook pages you manage and allow you to select which you want to connect. 
  3. Connect as many social profiles as you want, but you may want to start with just the basics until you have a grasp on where the data is coming from and then you can add to it as you see fit. Just know, all of the accounts you enter for each social channel will aggregate into one graph to show you at-a-glance traction per channel. 
  4. You can always disconnect or add profiles in the Configure Profiles section of the Social product.

Google Analytics?

Although Google Analytics is not considered social media, it provides powerful insights into the efficacy of your social campaigns and gives you visibility into how social is driving people to your business.

Installing Google Analytics on your Website

If you do not already have a Google Analytics tracking code on your website, here is Google's how-to on setting it up. If you need help, a specialist will be happy to help you.

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