Selecting the correct category, time zone, reporting calendar, and business hours helps the system provide you with relevant data when and how you need it.

Business Category

Make sure your business fits neatly into the category and subcategory you select. You want your category to be as accurate and specific as possible so the system can identify your most relevant competitors. For example, identifying your business as a "restaurant" is substantially more competitive (and therefore less effective) than identifying your business as an "Italian restaurant". The more specific you can be within the subcategories, the better this tool will help you perform against your real competition. And the more accurate you are, the better your reviews will be. Success here comes from specificity and accuracy.

Time Zone

Make sure the Time Zone is set to the location of your business rather than a corporate mailing address or your current time zone at the time of completing this form.

Reporting Calendar

Set your reporting calendar according to your weekly fiscal cycle. This is usually the same timeframe as your payroll (Monday start, Sunday start, etc..).

Business Hours

Pick the most relevant hours for your business to be sure your customers are finding accurate hours when they search online. To adjust, simply click into the clock icon and select the time for each day. This won't change your online listings, but it will help you know what changes need to be pursued.

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