This is your opportunity to establish accurate information about your business for consistency and see how that compares to the information listed online. Discover that pesky misinformation about your business that is confusing your customers and get the upper hand on your competition.

For Best Results, Be Precise and Specific

The information pre-populated in your Business Profile came from the data our system located about your business. Go through each field carefully to make sure that it is 100% accurate so that you establish these details to reference for consistency across channels moving forward. The precision of this information also helps us optimize your competitive analysis features. Be sure your business name here reflects the name your customers know you as, the address is consistent with your location's address, the phone number is your primary business line, and so on.

When Your Entry Doesn't Match Google's Information

If you correct information discovered here, the system may alert you that the information you're providing doesn't match the information found online. First, make sure your information is formatted according to Google's address standardization for optimal reporting results. If the tool suggests a format change that does not technically effect its accuracy, default to the tool's suggestion. You can choose to accept the changes that Google suggests (if they are correct), or you can override it with corrected information by altering it in the field and then choosing to "Keep Current" information. This DOES NOT communicate anything to Google, it just makes the information in your system the authoritative detail of record. Where you find it contradicts the Google information is where you will have some work to do. You will learn more about this in the Listing Accuracy tool.

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