Twitter has the broadest audience of all. At 320 million active users across the globe, it's a close third to Instagram as far as active use, but it's a very powerful third. Unlike Instagram and Facebook’s closed networks, Tweets are public and accessible to anyone. Search engines include Twitter in their results and Millennials trust Twitter for information over news outlets. Also, those 320 million active users only represent people with Twitter accounts, because it is an open network, your posts to Twitter are accessible beyond just those users. Anyone can search Twitter and find your content. Telling your story here is like publishing it straight to the worldwide web.

Twitter Activity

Set the account and the date ranges you want to view in the top right. As with Facebook, your Twitter account will provide much deeper insights into how your content is tracking, but the critical measurements of success are followers. Because there are a number of bots and promotional accounts across Twitter's user base, your profile will naturally grow followers, but many of those followers aren't directly useful. Every follower, bot or not, is good because users measure a profile's validity based on how many followers they have, but the most effective audiences are the real, local users.

Twitter Metrics

  • A follower is a Twitter user that chooses to follow your Twitter account.
  • Total Followers is the total number of all-time followers as of the end date selected in the date range.
  • New Followers displays the total number of followers added within the selected date range and conveys what percentage that is of total followership.

New Follower Growth

Chart new follower growth by day of the week to identify the days and times that your Twitter profile is doing the most work for your business. Use that data to develop and publish better content at times when new followership seems to be optimal. When you see spikes in growth, try to ascertain why that is and take advantage of it. Is there a convention in town? What's their hashtag? Invite them to visit your location. If you see regular spikes, is that because of a specific advantage to a particular day? Some sort of seasonality you should be aware of?

Twitter Content Strategy Suggestions

  • Use hashtags to identify with targeted users. Find your town, region, or neighborhood's most common hashtags and use them in posts so that like minds will find you. Find hashtags themes specific to your market to be sure searchers of those products or services can find you.
  • Be the first to share something new. From street closures you know about first to new products or services, when there is content you own and other people would value and share, be the first one to share it. This gives you authority and as it is shared, you get visibility and marketshare.
  • The content firehose. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, where posts are carefully curated to specific audiences, Twitter is the place to pump out all of the content you have as often as you can. Online marketers call this the "firehose" approach. Twitter is so active and broad, that a new post is already old in a matter of minutes. Connect other social media accounts to your Twitter and recycle that content to both draw new users to those other channels and to put out more content for people to engage.
  • Thank new followers with a direct message and offer them a special discount or incentive only available to your Twitter followers.