This is where you manage the social profiles and analytics that are connected to your system. These are the channels you can post to through the Compose Post feature and the channels that are feeding your analytical data in the Social product. Add as many social profiles as you want.

Connecting Social Profiles

  1. Before you click the "Add Social Profile" button, make sure you are logged into the social channels that your business uses. With Facebook, for instance, you would log into the Facebook account you use to manage your business' Facebook page, then come back here to click the "Add Social Profile" button. 
  2. This part of the system utilizes an interstitial pop-up screen to authorize the application to access your social profile, as most socially integrated tools do, so you may have to disable pop-up restrictions. Once authorized, the system will pull up the Facebook pages you manage and allow you to select which you want to connect. 
  3. Connect as many social profiles as you want. All of the accounts you enter for each social channel will aggregate into your dashboard and social channel-specific analytics to show you at-a-glance traction.

Disconnecting Social Profiles

You may also decide to disassociate certain social profiles from this tool as you refine your strategy and want to see more precise analytics. To do that, locate it on the list of profiles in the Configure Profiles tool and click the red Disconnect button. NOTE: It will not ask you to verify this action. When you choose to disconnect the account, the action is instant. If you made an error, simply add the social profile back in with the Add Social Profile button.