Drill into the activity on each social platform to learn more detailed information about who your users are in each network, how they engage with your content, and what compels them to like or follow your business. This product surfaces the most relevant analytics from your connected Facebook pages, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Why Social Analytics Are Important:

  • Know more about your customers
  • Test strategies, measure, and scale across social channels
  • See how your social activity feeds your website and brand awareness
  • Observe how your social interactions impact engagement
  • See how online engagement impacts sales

Trend Awareness

Different social channels can have very different audiences. The dashboard view helps you identify trends occurring across channels, dig into each social platform's analytics to identify trends happening within channels. Once you see what triggers that audience, you can improve your content strategy to improve traction with them. And when you see something trending in one social network, you can leverage that into other networks to try to grow the trend beyond that single channel.

Dig into Analytics from These Channels:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter