Inside the Listing Detail tool you can dive into the inaccuracies and understand which details are incorrect. Select the listing provider you want to compare your Listing Detail against from the dropdown menu in the upper right hand corner of the Listing Detail page.

Once you've selected the listing provider you want to view, you will be on the Listing Detail page for that listing provider.


View the Live Listing Online

At the top right hand corner of the Listing Detail for the listing provider, under the dropdown selection of listing providers, are icons that identify this listing as the current primary listing, whether or not it has been claimed, and a link to view the listing live online.



Clicking the View Listing link on the Google Listing Detail page, for instance, would open up the live Google listing page.


On the listing you will see the information as it is currently conveyed by the listing provider so you can understand the information in the context of how it will be delivered to the user.


Listing Address Formatting

This tool uses Google address standardization over USPS address standardization because of Google's influence online as the leading search engine and therefore the authority on formating in the online space.

Claim, Correct or Disassociate a Listing

Once you’ve identified the problem, you can claim your listing yourself, have us claim your listings for you, or remove it if it’s not your listing and has been included erroneously. Removing the listing will only remove it from this tool, not the online listing provider. If you feel action needs to be taken to remove the listing from the online listing provider, you must either undergo that with the provider directly, or engage our services to manage your listings for you.

Claim Your Listing

At the bottom of the Listing Detail for each listing provider, there are two options. You can claim that listing or you can disassociate the listing if it's not referencing your business. Often businesses are claimed automatically by various listing providers based on outdated location information or incorrect data their automated systems somehow related to your business. Take appropriate action to make sure your listing information is accurate.

When you claim your listing, a modal window will appear over your screen prompting you to claim your listing manually or purchase a the service to claim and manage your online listings.

Disassociate This Listing from Your Business

If this listing does not reflect your business, click the Not My Listing button to terminate that association. The tool will then prompt your to verify you want to disassociate the listing, removing it from your Listing Accuracy score.

Update My Listing

After you've updated your listings in the Listing Details, return to the Listing Accuracy tool and click the Update Your Listings button on the top right hand of the page to see how your updates compare to the live listings.