Dig into your Listing Summary scores in the Listing Accuracy tool. Claim your profiles and verify information accuracy on search engines, social networks, review sites and popular directories. Our Listing Accuracy tool searches for new listings every 24 hours at 4 am EST. When a listing is not found, it's usually because insufficient attributes from your Business Profile matched what was being returned from the listing provider.

Managing Your Listings

It is critical that the most used search engines have your information correct. Until you claim your profiles on Google, Bing and Yahoo, you won’t be able to dispute errors or be an authority over your listing. The Listing Accuracy product allows you to monitor these and other listings from a single location and use that information to direct your listing management. If you need help with listing management, we are happy to help. Check out the reputation management services.  

Listing Statuses

  • Accurate–All provider fields match your primary listing.
  • Possible Errors1 or more provider fields are incorrect. 
  • Not FoundListing was not found for the provider.
  • DuplicatesMore than one listing was found. 
  • My Primary ListingThis is the authoritative listing for the provider. 
  • Claimed ListingThe listing has been claimed by the merchant. 

Manage Your Listings On:

  • Search Engines
  • Social Sites
  • Review Sites
  • Directories