The Listings Dashboard shows your Listings Score based on accuracy and completeness of your business profile when compared against existing online information. See your score in each category in your Listing Summary to evaluate the accuracy of your business listings.

The Importance of Listings

Being included in popular and available online listings is critical to your brand awareness and your business' bottom line. When you run advertising campaigns, you are going out into the world to try to hunt and gather prospective customers. But while you are doing that, prospective customers are online hunting for a business that does what your business does. It is just as important that they are able to find your business when and where they are looking. This is the value of online listings. Don't discredit the power of this simple and inexpensive opportunity to be discoverable by your prospective new customers.

Listing Presence

This dashboard tool gives you a quick understanding about which of the primary listing providers include your business and how accurate the information is. Is your business listed and claimed with critical listing providers? If it's not listed, the good news is that you get to be the first to give them your information, so you know it will be correct. The bad news is that users of that listing provider don't know your business exists.

  • Listing Found and Claimed
    This column will tell you which listing providers display your business information and have been previously claimed. Hopefully it was claimed by you and the information is correct. If not, you may have some work to do.
  • Listing Found but not Claimed
    The good news is, your listing is there and it is building traction for your brand as well as awareness of your location and services. If half the work is just showing up, then your business is halfway through the work just by being there. Now to claim it and verify the information.
  • Listing Not Found
    There is no way for you to win the business of people that don't know your business exists. Users tend to be loyal to the listing provider they trust. This tool will display the business listing providers that don't have your business information listed. You should take quick action to be sure your information is both included and accurate.
  • Duplicate Listings
    If a listing provider has duplicate listings for your business, that creates all kinds of uncertainties for users and reflects on your brand. Duplicate listings can also have unexpected consequences such as exclusion from search results because when the search engine doesn't know which listing to serve, it will simply not serve either. Make sure your primary listing (preferably the one that has been listed the longest) is correct and the duplicate listing is removed. 

Manage Online Listings

If you are uncertain how to proceed with the process for submitting your business information to the listing provider, we have specialists that will help you submit, update, and correct your listings for you.

Listing Accuracy

The presence of a listing is paramount, but to truly be able to deliver on customer expectations, you want the listing to be accurate. When wrong hours are posted on your listing and a customer makes the drive to your location to find that you are closed, they don't hold that against the listing provider, they hold that against your brand. They expect you to give the same diligence toward your online presence that you give to your customer service. So when they discover these inaccuracies, they assume your customer service is equally as lackluster and without follow-through. Use the Listing Accuracy tool to see where listing providers have your information wrong. This is the first step toward correcting the problem.

  • Error Details
    Below the score bar, the errors across listing providers are enumerated by category so you can quickly see how many errors there are around your business name, address, phone number, website URL, email address, and store hours.

Business Listing Detail

Below those panels, the Business Listing detail shows all of the information included in your Business Profile along with a Status column that indicates if your listing is missing, contains errors, or is found and accurate when compared to each attribute of your business profile. When it displays the red X or yellow Errors Found icon, you know you have some work to do.


Edit My Business Settings

This suite of products was designed to report to you your business' status across online channels to help you manage your online reputation to inform your strategy and impact your bottom line. No tool can simply manage all of your online listings. Each listing provider is different and they don't give access to tools to manage this information because the value to the online listing providers is to have you come traffic their listings and purchase their various listing management services. So when you see our "Edit My Business Settings" link, understand that this is not changing any online information with any of the listing providers.


This link simply takes you back to your Business Profile settings so you can update any information on this system for more accurate reporting.


If you are uncertain how to proceed with the process for submitting business information to the listing provider, we have specialists that will help you submit, update and correct your listings for you.